Create new facebook with cell phone number

Create new facebook with cell phone number

Create a Facebook account with the telephone number is very simple, today are increasingly the options that we have to get new accounts in this well-known social network where each day millions of users try to open a new profile that can improve , and this can be done either way.

You can now open an account without having an email, which is fantastic, since many people do not have one, and this hinders a little get a profile. In this article we will see that create new Facebook with cell number is very simple there is that they follow a few steps and you will soon have a new profile to use as you like. Get active and create your profile now.

Create new facebook
Create new facebook

How to create new Facebook with mobile number

This is a very simple task but should have a little patience take the computer and start the steps that follow. Who would say that create new Facebook with mobile number would be so easy!

  • Opens your browser that you like: This step is super simple, just have to enter a Google Chrome or Internet Explorer, then give these enter the word Facebook and press where says log in.
  • Home page: Have reached the home page where in the bottom left are the data that you will have to fill can not miss any.
  • Enter your name: Is quite simple if you already have an account, is to place a different name or you put the same but changing the surname, not to make the accounts as equal.
  • Choose your sex: Only have to choose the gender you are, if you are woman marks that option and if you are a man marks the option that corresponds to. This is required so that your gender can match the name you have chosen for your new Facebook profile.
  • Put your new email: For this you have to create a new one, since if you enter it you own in your other account it will fail because it is a mail that is already registered in another profile. You can use Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or Terra these are very easy to create.
  • Shows your date of birth: This field you must fill it properly when it is your birthday Facebook notify your contacts that you compliment, so you must put your real data and thus nobody will forget your date.
  • Create new facebook
    Create new facebook
  • Placed a phone number: Should avoid placing your own mobile number, as possibly East associated with your other features, but if on the contrary you don’t have no profile then enter your phone number and waiting that send you confirmations you’ll need later.
  • Give the option to register: Already placed all your data now proceeds to press the button that says “register” and you have a new Facebook profile. Now send all notifications to your mobile number, which will protect your privacy.

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