Download Aplikasi FB Lite Android

Download Aplikasi FB Lite Android

Facebook Lite for android is easy way to keep connect with your friends but using an application faster, this is a version of the original Facebook for android, you can download it by Play Store or with a link. A lot of people download Aplikasi FB Lite Android because is faster than the heavy version, and also you can chat with your friends without another plugging.

Benefits to Download Aplikasi FB Lite Android

If you have problems with your internet or don’t have a good connection, I recommend download Aplikasi FB Lite Android. Some Smartphone doesn’t have enough inner memory on them device, so a good options is buy an extra memory to download applications, but using Facebook Lite for your android, it’s no necessary to buy another memory. This is so light, fast and has a great layout to see pictures, comment pictures, videos and posts, make a post and also share videos, photos and your opinions.

Aplikasi FB Lite Android
Aplikasi FB Lite Android

It doesn’t care if you have an old or new version of android, Facebook Lite can works without problems, so don’t worry; only you need an android version 2.3.2, that’s an old version.

The new update that arrives finally at Facebook late is story, for example, if you take a photo or want to make a post, you can create a story, share it, and this disappears on 24 hours. Aside from create story, you can see friend’s stories and comment it, it’s so funny.

Facebook Lite isn’t only for personal account, you can also create a page for your work group, a family and group or make advertising for a products or a service, many people prefers to use Facebook Lite for finding new subscribers, sell their products and gain money on an easy and dependable system.

Active the notifications and you can know always when someone sends a message or write something for you.

Aplikasi FB Lite Android
Aplikasi FB Lite Android

Download Aplikasi FB Lite Android step by step

  • The first step that you have to do before to download it is check your memory, you need 1.6 M at least, this is nothing, if you take a photo with your camera, that will be heavy than this applications.
  • Them, go to Play Store, this is an applications to search official and unofficial apps, for examples Facebook Late is an unofficial app, because a group create it without permission to the Facebook CEO.
  • Write Facebook late on the searcher, select the firs icon (it’s a Blue F in a white square), check their terms, there are 4 or 3, it doesn’t matter and wait for the downloading.
  • When the download is completed, go to the icon and select.
  • If you don’t have an account, you can create it with you email address, your name and last name, your age, finally a password (that it’s so important because you must remember it to sing up).
  • Put your email address or you telephone numbers and your password.
  • Thais it, you have a better version to Facebook, enjoy it.

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