Register Facebook

Register Facebook

Facebook is a social network that allows us to talk and keep in touch with our friends. We may also share any thing and to inform us of news more recent. You know it is necessary to have a profile to keep in touch with our friends. Would like to open an account?, you are at the right place and it is that to register a Facebook is something that both young people and the elderly need. So if you are still reading this article, know how to have your account.

How to register a Facebook account?

You have a Facebook profile is simple, also d which is totally free. The first thing you need to do when you want to do it from your computer is to go to the official site of Facebook. Generally it appears to us in the language by default which detected, so you won’t have problems to register.

Go to Facebook: Being from the social network asks us to add our main data. In addition to us mentioned that this is an application that allows you a free registration for life.

Form: Within the section on registration ask us add our main data: name, last name, password, e-mail address, date of birth and gender. It is recommended to add our actual data, because this is a personal account and is something that in the long run can be of great help, if you have complications with entering your account.

Register: Once you filled the form the form where you register, you will have to press ‘continue’.

Register acount facebook
Register acount facebook

Confirm email: Send us an email where we will have to enter your Inbox to open the email and confirm the link to continue with the registration. Since conectaste you immediately and confiramaste your account, everything is ready.

Export / link: Here you can choose between adding people you have as friends from your email, this is optional. It is recommended to press the skip. After doing this ask us add our profile photo, details of biography, among other things, that we are explaining in the form of tutorial Facebook profile.

Then make this your new Facebook profile it will be ready to be used, start to add people or search pages can be some of the things you will do when you start with your account.

Register Facebook on my cell phone

The Facebook application allows us to also register from our mobile device. It is something that you should also take into account to register a Facebook account from this computer and best of all is that it will be faster than from the web.

Sign up for Facebook: To when you open the application asks us to add the button to register your account, selected requests us to add our mobile number or e-mail.

Confirm: Will also be required to confirm your account to verify that you are you really who wants to open an account or profile with Facebook.

Form: You must fill your primary such as name, age and gender data and thus is how ready the profile so that you can use.